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Repozilla.com - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why do you show foreclosed properties that are already "Under Contract"?

An extraordinarily high percentage of purchase contracts on foreclosed properties fall through and never close. If you are interested in a foreclosed property that is already under contract, you should consider making a back-up offer on the property.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Repozilla is currently free for all users.

What type of foreclosures do you show?

The majority of our properties are owned by banks and government agencies. These foreclosures are commonly known as "Bank-Owned Real Estate" or "REO" (Real Estate Owned).

REO properties have already been through the foreclosure process and are being marketed for sale, often through local realtors. These are the easiest, least risky type of foreclosure to buy and there are some very good deals to be had.

Almost without exception these properties have been written down to values far below their "asking price" or "listing price". Foreclosures are extremely expensive for banks to own. They earn no income from the properties but incur expenses for insurance, property taxes, lawn care, maintenance, utilities, etc.! As a result, they are desperate to sell and will consider almost any offer.

When I click on the detail link, why does it show the property is no longer available?

The property may have been sold or otherwise removed from the market since we last updated our listings. Many of these properties are priced so far below market value that they sell quickly.

Why do I have to solve a CAPTCHA to see the detail on some properties?

We provide links to third-party websites ("linked sites") showing property details. We provide these links for your information and convenience but we have no control over the linked sites and are not affiliated with them. Some linked sites use CAPTCHA to prevent access by automated programs.

What if my browser doesn't allow cookies? Can I still use Repozilla?

Yes. We use a technique called URL rewriting for users whose browsers do not allow cookies.

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